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The Leonard Lake Stakeholders Association formed in 2004 to represent registered property owners bordering on Leonard Lake, who are united by their mutual interest of preserving, promoting and enhancing quality of life on the lake.

Leonard Lake is in the Muskoka Lakes region in southern Ontario, Canada.

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Important News Affecting Leonard Lake: Water Health Program Changes

The District of Muskoka Lakes is proposing a revised Recreational Water Quality Model and Lake System Health Program affecting all lakes and waterways in Muskoka. The Official Plan of the District is to be amended through Official Plan Amendment 45 to enact this new policy.

Why should you care?

The Lake System Health Policy guides not only actions regarding lake health, environment and water quality but provides parameters regarding shoreline development (i.e. lot development and building, etc.) 

Leonard Lake, under the old water quality model was classified as "over threshold" for total phosphorus and more stringent rules applied regarding new development that helped keep Leonard Lake healthy while allowing some new development within set parameters. Under the proposed model, Leonard Lake loses special status. We are all proud of our lake and want to keep it healthy and clean for ourselves and future generations and we need to ensure that the proposed Lake System Health Policy aids us in that goal. 

What has happened so far?

In addition to meeting with the District and Township over the past number of weeks, LLSA has reached out to a number of key organizations in Muskoka that share a common interest in protecting the environment and waterways such as the Muskoka Lakes Association and the Muskoka Watershed Council. We also contacted a number of small lakes with challenges similar to Leonard Lake to raise awareness of the issues.

Our goal in questioning the changes to the DMM Lake System Health Policy is not just to assess what these changes could mean for our lake going forward, but to highlight aspects of the proposed changes that we feel actually provide less protection for Muskoka waters overall. It is our position that lake protection through stronger by-law enforcement and best practices is the preferred path and we do not want to lose ground in this regard through a weakened policy at the District and Township level.

On October 20th, 2016 the District of Muskoka held a statutory public meeting regarding the proposed changes to the Lake System Health Policy. The meeting provided a forum for submissions regarding the District’s proposed Recreational Water Quality Model and the Official Plan Amendment 45. A number of Muskoka Lakes were represented at the meeting including Leonard Lake that had a delegation of three speakers (Gord Roberts, Bruce McNeely and Ken Riley) presenting four submissions.

The four Leonard Lake submissions included one from the LLSA Stakeholders Association and three additional submissions from Leonard Lake Stakeholders that LLSA incorporated by reference as part of the LLSA submission:

1)A Leonard Lake Stakeholders Association submission outlining nine areas of concern and stating that LLSA opposed the passage of the amendment as currently drafted (click here to view)

2)A submission from Bruce McNeely opposing the amendment and challenging legal aspects (click here to view)

3)A submission from Ken Riley challenging the “new science” rationale and providing recommendations (see his presentation here and Ken’s letter to the editor here)

4)A submission from Bill Tryon providing a retrospective of Leonard Lake, the decline in water quality and wildlife, and highlighting the need for additional protective measures (click here to view)

Next Steps
By the end of December, all submissions regarding Amendment 45 or the proposed Lake System Health Policy will be reviewed and considered and the District will be in a position to present a final version of the amendment to Council for passage.  At this point we do not know what to expect regarding the outcome.
For information regarding the proposed District Water Quality Model and to access the complete Hutchinson “Revised Water Quality Model and Lake System Health Program” Report, refer to

To send in comments or receive a call-back, email leonardlakemuskoka@gmail.com.